Untangle for Windows Phone Mango

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ut1As a student, I often got some spare time to kill. Whether it is on train, or during a lecture 😉 So I searched the marketplace for a fun little game I once had on my ex "little-green-robot-friend" device. But I could only find paid versions. I thought: Why not using my spare time to recreate this game for Windows Phone?

With Mango coming soon, I decided to mix XNA and Silverlight Content to create the Game as Metrofied as possible.

The result is named "Untangle" and now live in the Windows Phone Marketplace, for all Mango devices. Untangle is a fun, planarity-styled puzzle game for Windows Phone. It features 50 handcrafts (and solvable) levels, instant save, high scores and a theme based, modern metro design.

The game is now online and you may download it to your phone! I hope you have fun playing it!

Untangle is free and can be found in Marketplace here.