Unscrambler Now Available for Mango

I am happy to announce the availability of my new app, “Unscrambler”, on the marketplace for Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango). It is completely FREE and created by a Columbia University computer science student in his spare time.

It combines the functionality of my older app, “Scrabble Helper”, with gaming functionality, as well as new, broader dictionaries. You can play timed games to make the most and longest words using the letters you are provided in both unordered and matrix fashions. You can also use the unscrambling engine built in to help you out of all kinds of word game conundrums. The ability to solve matrix word puzzles was added along with the ability to change your dictionary from US english to International english.

My personal favorite feature is what happens when you hold down a word. As seen in the video if you find a word you don’t know in the list of possible words you can learn what it means instantly. You are brought by default to Hasbro’s official scrabble dictionary lookup with the ability to then browse dictionary.com, thefreedictionary.com, as well as search bing. All without ever having to leave Unscrambler.

I hope you find it as fun and educational as I do. I am already working on new features for the next release that include Achievements and the ability to add words to the dictionaries.

Download it here