As part of Guerrilla Collective’s collaboration with Steam, not only do we have a trailer for UnMetal, but there’s also a demo available right now. 

UnMetal doesn’t keep up its pretence of being a gruff and gritty arcade shooter for long, in fact, it takes until the second line of dialogue for the game to already be poking fun at itself. 

The trailer is filled is wonderful japes and silliness such as stealing a man’s eyepatch to make a slingshot to shoot depleted uranium balls, you know, as you do.

It’s hardly just homemade uranium slingshots either, as in UnMetal you can make the world your weapon. Who needs guns when you can kick a model of the glove into your enemies face repeatedly. 

Not only is there the silliness of assassin rats in the sewer to look forward to, as the stealth-action metal gear solid-eqsue gameplay looks enjoyably solid to boot, as you can even get a taste of it now as there’s a demo available on Steam

There’s no fixed release date for UnMetal yet, but Steam lists it as Coming Soon.