Unmentioning feature now accessible to all Twitter users

Despite the mess Twitter is facing due to its issue with Elon Musk, the company is still trying to improve its platform bit by bit. One of the latest additions to the app’s features is the “unmentioning,” which will now be accessible to every user globally.

The unmentioning feature was first seen as a leak by the app feature leaker Jane Manchun Wong in February. It was later announced by Twitter in April and named unmentioning, which is aimed to provide “a way to help you protect your peace and remove yourself from conversations.”

Unmentioning can be put to good use by those who are often using Twitter and engaging in different conversations on the platform. If the exchanges become stressful or irrelevant to you, the feature will allow you to simply remove yourself from the threads. Simply go to a specific conversation, and click the “More” button (three-dot menu) at the top-right portion of the tweet box. Then, you’ll see the “Leave this conversation” option that you need to click.

Upon clicking it, your Twitter handle will be untagged from the conversation, so you’ll no longer receive notifications about it. In addition, it will stop anyone involved in the thread from mentioning you again.

The feature is already available on the web version of Twitter, but for app users, an update is needed.

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