Unlocked Samsung Focus S available for pre-order, costs an arm and a leg



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If we ignore Cellhut’s terrible Photoshop, they appear to be offering the Samsung Focus S, Samsung’s high end Windows Phone 7 handset, unlocked for $799.99 (about £512) for pre-order on their site.

According to their specs the handset has HSDPA on the 850, 1900 and 2100 Mhz bands, so depending on the coverage in your local area, the handset may work quite happily in USA, Europe and on some carriers in Australia.

The phone is set to be released in USA on the AT&T network, but it is not yet clear whether the high end device will make it to Europe, or whether the decidedly mid-range Samsung Omnia W will be the only Samsung Windows Phone 7 handset available there.

Read more at Cellhut here.

Via WPCentral.com

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