Unlike Apple, Microsoft does not track WP7 users


21, 2011

Author Surur // in News


It has been discovered that for the last year iPhones have been keeping a detailed log of the location of their users in a file easily accessible on the phone or desktop if you know what you are doing.

This of course is a major invasion of privacy, even if users happened to have clicked through and agreed to it by accident.  The information makes iPhone users vulnerable to being spied on by suspicions partners, bosses and even law enforcement, and could even be subpoenaed for your next speeding ticket. 

Gizmodo has asked the other major smartphone OS companies what their practice was. Like Windows Phone 7 Google has an opt-in system for location data collection, but the company  refused to answer on the record whether this "anonymous" location data is logged persistently.  While no file was found on the Android phones, Google of course would be pretty happy to store the reams of data on their servers and sell it to advertisers for the highest bid.

Asking Microsoft the same question about Windows Phone 7, the company confirmed the only locational data stored on your Windows Phone 7 device is your last known location, for use with the Find My Phone feature.

RIM has not responded yet.

It seems if you don’t want your phone to testify against you, you are much better of with a Windows phone than any of the others at present.

Read more at Gizmodo here.

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