Unleash your inner writer with Writer’s Pad for Windows Phone

Writer's Pad

Still working on that great novel of your dreams in between commutes? We just may have the Windows Phone app for you.

Writer’s Pad for Windows Phone is one of those apps that seems like it would be impractical on a mobile phone but really isn’t – especially if you own a phablet type device. The app is designed at helping users to write a novel using their phones and offering a set of tools which makes the process of writing easier to manage.

The app’s usability comes from its management features, allowing you to break down a story into chunks and tackle those chunks individually

For instance, you can detail your characters in a specific section of the app, then make a note of the subplots to yourself in yet another section. Finally, you can manage the story itself by breaking down the novel into chapters, and the chapters into scenes. Once more, taking advantage of the contextual and tasked based nature of a mobile phone to provide a well-thought out experience.

Of course using a mobile app to write a novel whether for work or play would be foolish without the ability to backup. restore and export. Thankfully, Writer’s Pad also provides such functionality for the would-be writer, allowing them to export to either internal storage or OneDrive storage for access on all devices.

Here’s the full app feature list:

  • Sets of Novels management feature like Chapter, Scene, Character, and Plot management.
  • Format your writing with common text formatting like: Bold, Italic, Underline, etc.
  • Writing statistic [More advance statistic required Pro Version].
  • Export your writing to .Docx format for advance editing in external document editor.
  • Backup and restore your work from local storage or from Microsoft OneDrive [OneDrive integration required Pro Version].
  • Protect your work using password [Pro Version].

Now, while some may scoff at the prospect of using a phone like this, someone did write a book on their BlackBerry once years ago, who’s to say it can’t be done again.

Want to give it a try? Get it free from the store link below. The app is currently a Windows Phone app, but a universal Windows app is in development.

Writers Pad
Writers Pad
Developer: F8R
Price: Free