Universal Plex app gets another update


4, 2015


One app which appears to have really benifited from becoming a Universal app is Plex, with the developers now pushing out very regular updates.

Plex has posted another update to their media streaming app, bringing it to

Plex is an app which organizes all of your video, music and photo collections as well as streams them to all of your screens.

In its latest version the app added:

  • (Sync) Performance improvements
  • (Photos) Save photos from photo gallery
  • (Photos) Enable photo pinch-zoom
  • (Win) (UI) Merged Sync, Camera Upload and Friends into single Status page
  • (UI) Status page item options use context menus instead of secondary appbar buttons
  • (UI) Sort servers in server picker dropdown
  • (UI) Modernize semantic zoom letter style

The update also brings the following fixes:

  • (WP) (Music) A number of problems playing music
  • (WP) (UI) User icon wasn’t displaying on resume
  • (Win) (UI) Automatically enter true full-screen in Windows 10, when launched in tablet mode
  • (Win) (UI) Semantic Zoom issues in library sections
  • (Win) (UI) Focus issues in show, season and artist pages and in library sections
  • (Win) (UI) Wider items when displaying folder names
  • (Win) (Music) Present the correct filter types in album view
  • (Win) (Prefs) Hide pref for Media Center Pack on Windows 10
  • A number of user-reported crashes

See screen shots of the app below:

[gallerify title=”Plex screen shots”]

A movie

Home page






An episode


The updated app can be found at the link below:

Developer: Plex
Price: Free

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