Unity3D to WP7 porting tool made open source

Max and the Magic Marker for WP7

PressPlay has made their FFWD porting tool for the Unity3D engine, commonly used in the mobile gaming community, open source and available on Github.

The tool will convert a Unity3D game to XNA and has been used by PressPlay in games such as Max and the Magic Marker (demoed above) and Tentacles.

At present the game only support physics on a 2D plane (a limitation of the 2D Farseer Engine) and does not support JavaScript and custom shaders.

The software does however remain in development and active use, and if the limitations are borne in mind, allows one to develop the game fully in Unity3D and simply compile for Windows Phone 7, so should be great for developers looking to bring their iPhone or Android  games to Marketplace or develop simultaneously for both platforms.

Read more about the engine at Github here.

Via WPSauce.com