Unity Talks About Implementing DirectX 12 In Windows 10

Unity Windows Phone

Microsoft yesterday announced that Unity will be adding support for DirectX 12 in the coming months. Direct3D 12 is a new graphics API with the promise of reducing driver overhead and allowing better use of multi-core systems.DirectX 12 will supported in Windows 10 devices ranging from mobiles, laptops, desktops and Xbox One, all of which Unity already supports. Unity started working closely with Microsoft to bring Unity to DirectX 12 and the initial port is now passing over 95% of their graphics tests.

Passing all the tests is only the first step. Once we are happy with the implementation feature-wise we shall move on to the new features of Direct3D 12 and invest heavily in optimization. There is ongoing work to allow our renderer to better use multiple cores which will apply directly to Direct3D 12 and hopefully provide the promised performance improvement. Right now, it’s too early to discuss performance due to the alpha state of Windows 10 and DirectX 12 drivers, however we are happy with the numbers we’re seeing.

Both Nvidia and Intel have given us ample support, and we now have code running on both Nvidia and Intel hardware. All of our demos are behaving well on Direct3D 12. That makes us very confident that your games will too.

They are plannng to release DirectX 12 support early in the Unity 5 cycle and it will target standalone builds and Windows Store Apps first. Later on, they will add support for Windows Phone and Xbox One.

Source: Unity

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