United States lifts laptop ban on three major airlines



Update: The US Department of Homeland Security is today lifting the laptop ban for all Eithad Airways, Emirates Airlines, and Turkish Airlines flights to the United States. The ban has been lifted for tablets, and e-readers as well. The lift comes just days after the ban was lifted for all fights fighting from the Abu Dhabi International Airport. TechCrunch reports that 6 other major airlines are still subject to the ban as of now.

Our original story about the laptop ban being lifted for flights flying out of the Abu Dhabi International Airport follows below.

The United States Department of Homeland Security is lifting the laptop ban for flights from the Abu Dhabi Internal airport. The decision comes after enhanced security measures that were implemented at the airport. The Department of Homeland Security didn’t detail the security changes, but the spokesperson told the Associated Press that the “measures have been implemented correctly and to the full extent required.” They later added:

“The enhanced security measures, both seen and unseen, include enhanced screening of passengers and electronic devices. We commend Etihad for working swiftly to implement these additional measures. Their efforts are a model for both foreign and domestic airlines.”

The laptop ban still applies to a total of 9 internal airports, including Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait City, and more. The laptop ban had a major impact on passengers who are no longer able to get any work done on their long-haul flights. The ban also affected the business of many airlines operating from the UAE, Emirates even cut its USA flights by 20% following the ban.

A Microsoft HoloLens owner even used their HoloLens during a flight to beat the laptop ban in May, which was a bit amusing, to say the least.

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