Unigram UWP Telegram client for Windows updated with chat improvements

The only certified 3rd party Telegram app for Windows, Unigram, has been updated to version 0.14.1160.0 with improvements designed to make the app faster and easier to use.

This includes the new ability to double-click on a message to reply and having your scrolling position restored when you return to a chat.

The full changelog reads:

  • Double Click on a message to reply
  • Scrolling position is restored when returning to a chat
  • Improved general app performance
  • Resolved various problems related to proxies.

The developers note on Github that the app has now exited the alpha stage and has had its core rewritten to make it much faster, with downloads and uploads now running at full speed. The app now also offers full support for MTProto 2.0, one of Telegram’s communication protocols.

The latest update is available at the  Microsoft Store link below.

Unigram—Telegram for Windows
Unigram—Telegram for Windows

Via Thewincentral