Other undocumented changes in Windows 10 Mobile build 10572


Windows 10 Mobile build 10572 is out, and besides being much better than the preceding two builds and taking away the preview tag from the OS, there are also several new features.

Microsoft listed a fair few on their Windows Experience blog, most prominently being the ability to text people through Cortana.

In our use of the OS over the past few hours, we’ve spotted a few more changes that help refine the experience of Windows 10 for new users.

  • Message Sync settings: Previously on Windows Phone, if you were to share a Microsoft account with another Windows Phone, all your text messages would sync over immediately., This made sharing Windows Phones with family members very hard (for parents with children), as text messages would be synced near instantly on all devices with no expectation of privacy. In Windows 10, Microsoft has now added a sync toggle that allows you to choose whether messages sync across devices or not.
  • Transparency Slider: Microsoft previously added a transparency slider for Windows 10 a while back, allowing users to customise their start screen experience to some degree. While the slider setting was meant to be a transparency slider, in practice it was an opacity slider, which each level dictating just how opaque the tiles would be. In the latest build, the slider now increases transparency as opposed to opacity. It’s a small change, and one that may be a bit confusing to insiders at first.
  • New accounts settings screen: Just like in Windows Phone 8, there is now a new Accounts settings screen that allows you to see what accounts the device can plug into. Outlook and Facebook (Windows 10) both show up there.
  • VPN Quick setting shortcut removed: The VPN quick settings shortcut has been removed from the action centre. It’s not listed as a bug so it’s currently unknown whether this was deliberate (for symmetry reasons) or simply a bug.
  • The introductory text is no longer from “Windows Phone” or “Windows 10 Mobile” but simply from Windows 10.

Those are all the unmentioned changes we managed to spot while going over the build. After using the build for a while, we have to say it is quite snappy to use. Microsoft is finally heading straight for the finish line and in a week or so, the OS should be ready for general consumption by eligible parties.

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