Microsoft’s unannounced Fable reboot is currently being written by scriptwriters from Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham Knight

Playground Games’ definitely-not-in-development reboot of the Fable series is currently being written by a slew of ex-Rocksteady employees that have been picked up by Playground Games.

Uncovered by Video Games Chronicle’s veteran games journalist Andy Robinson, a selection of Arkham Knight writers are now employed by Playground. With Knight‘s   senior scriptwriter Kim MacAskill hired since August alongside Martin Lancaster in the role of narrative director, an all-star writing team is now attached to the project.

Rocksteady’s senior scriptwriter Craig Owens is also attached to the new project as principal scriptwriter.

While the Fable reboot isn’t officially announced at this moment in time, the title is currently gaming’s worst kept secret. With a slew of leaks pouring out of the digital woodwork, this is Microsoft’s worst kept secret since Sunset Overdrive on PC.

As for Arkham Knight, the game’s entire series is currently available for free on the Epic Games Store. With a new Batman Arkham game currently in development at Warner Bros Montreal. Will it be based on The Court of Owls?