Ulster Bank bowing to Windows Phone demand, looking at creating an app


26, 2013


Last we heard about Ulster Bank the company was appearing rather obstinate, saying they were are of demand for a Windows Phone app but “had no plans to introduce this.”

It seems a lot can change in a month, and attitudes have softened, and most recently, when asked about a Windows Phone app the company’s support on Twitter said:

@kc_evinarter Hi Kevin, our development team are looking at this as they are aware of the demand. MC

With both parent companies, Natwest and RBS, already having Windows Phone apps it seems it just took a bit of pressure for Ulster bank to change their mind.

The move suggests Windows Phone users should not just suffer in silence, but should make their voice heard, as it seems in the end it is the squeaky wheel which gets the oil.

Thanks Kevin for the tip.

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