UK Windows Phone users do not read marketing email on their phones


71% of all marketing emails in UK are opened on either tablets or phones, but it seems Windows Phone users are more than happy to just delete what many would class as Bacn – marketing email from companies which you don’t 100% object to, but which you are also more than happy to ignore e.g. Amazon’s latest deals.

email readers

42% of emails in UK are opened on smartphones, according to research by Movable Ink, but only 0.48% are opened on Windows Phones, while 34.45% are opened on iPhones.  eMarketer estimated that Windows Phone would have an 8% installed base in UK in 2015. The 0.48% opened on Windows Phones clearly under represent Windows Phone’s penetrance in UK, indicating that Windows Phone users preferentially ignore the emails.

The same is true for Android, which at 7.26% also underrepresents Android’s market share in UK.

In short, Windows Phone users hate Bacn the most, followed by Android users, but iOS users appear to love it.

read email times

When it comes to reading emails, a large percentage at 44.5% spend more than 15 seconds reading the message, vs 41.4% of iPhone users who delete it within 3 seconds of opening, suggesting possible that iPhone users manage their email by opening each message in turn, rather than simply deleting them from their inbox.

In terms of eventually converting email readers to buyers, the desktop was still the king, with 40% of sales conversions being on the desktop, indicating again why this important platform can not be ignored, even in this mobile first world. 37% of conversions were on tablets, and  only 12% on phones.

Read the full report at eMarketer here.