UK Online Supermarket Ocado Releases Its Windows Phone App

Ocado, an online supermarket from UK has released its app for Windows Phone. The app looks great with its Metro design and it allows you to shop anything from toys to groceries.

App Description:

  • An entire supermarket at your fingertips. Shop for everything from food and drink to housewares, books, toys and much more.
  • Shop for groceries on the move. Place a brand new order or just add an item you’ve forgotten to your next order.
  • Works in complete harmony with Seamless syncing means you can start an order on one and complete it on the other.
  • Get your next order started in no time. Use Your Instant Shop to create a typical order for you, based on your previous deliveries.
  • Shop even if you’re offline. Our catalogue of over 22,000 products is stored on your phone, so you can keep shopping even if you lose signal. As soon as your Internet connection returns, your order will update automatically.

You can download the app from UK marketplace here. 

via: wpcentral