Another year, another week-long spree of Call of Duty leaks. While last week we were treated to the title of this year’s COD, now it’s essentially confirmed. Read on to see everything leaked about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

While the game’s official reveal is set for later today, 6 pm BST/ 10am PST, Activision accidentally let the lid slip just a few hours too early.

For a while, the game’s reveal live stream was viewable on the franchise’s official YouTube channel, complete with box art, title, release date and even a snippet of the reveal trailer.

Source: Reddit

The game’s release date appears to be October 18th, again aiming for that sweet holiday season. Redditors are currently seeing October 18th, 13th, 22nd and more, but the word “October” is clearly visible.

Whatever happens, we’ll know just what we can expect from this new Modern Warfare later today. While the name has already been leaked, everything else can still surprise later today.

With 2020’s Call of Duty allegedly suffering from numerous development issues, let’s hope this one is a great game in the long-running series.