UCWeb Windows Mobile Browser Rocks!


22, 2009

Have you tried UCWeb yet?  No?


UCWeb is a web browser that works similar to Opera Mini; it caches website on UCWeb servers and shoots them back to you VERY fast. Not only can you surf the normal web, UCWeb allows you to browse WAP sites such as 3g.qq.com effortlessly. With over 60 Million users (mainly China users), UCWeb is a very popular Mobile Browsing platform for Symbian and now Windows Mobile devices. On top of being a super fast browser, One of the highlights of UCWeb is how configurable it is. For example, using Opera can use a lot of memory if you do not have your cache directed to your storage card, UCWeb makes changing your cache location very simple in the settings.You can also change the skins which is VERY cool!
Give it a try…did I mention it is free?

UCWeb Download

Uploaded to my Skydrive for those who cannot get it from the site.

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