Ubuntu Released for the HD2… Ready… Set… GO!!

Many of you (like me) have been looking forward to a Linux for the HD2, well you got it. Just moments ago HTC_Linux tweeted the link to the first release of the Ubuntu port on the HD2. The port has been seen quite often from sites not just our own, and now you can try it out on your own.

I am already downloading the port already. The file is quite large, around 655MB and so the file takes a long time to download. Anyways enough talk from me, the change log is below and you can try it out.

03/24/2010 compass working, battery monitor added
03/26/2010 moved to new htc-msm-2.6.32 branch
03/29/2010 don’t use ondemand governor
04/01/2010 add ext3
04/05/2010 dex, rtc, battery monitor, merged with google updates
04/08/2010 naming and pm changes, timer problem is fixed (other low level problems still exist)
04/09/2010 memory remapped
04/14/2010 clock updates
05/01/2010 the cause for the segmentation faults is still unknown. a new kernel was added based on codeaurora (see Leo kernel link 1st post)
05/13/2010 update Image build with latest (minor) changes.
05/19/2010 vfp/neon enabled in the kernel. built with gcc-4.4.4 cross toolchain
05/20/2010 new video player demo added
06/02/2010 nothing new. but we are still working…
06/10/2010 more attention to segfault/illegal instruction problem on lkml
06/12/2010 usb host mode works perfectly. patches and build following
06/12/2010 usb host mode changes committed, kernel build uploaded
06/20/2010 linux is booting on qsd8250 based acer s200 – let’s see if same cpu crash problem can be observed
06/21/2010 same cpu crash on s200 – the problem is not specific to leo
06/23/2010 Cotulla discovered desire/bravo bootloader has some workaround for a qsd8250 CPU hardware bug..
06/24/2010 LeTama tried out running patched bravo kernel on leo and got the segfaults
06/25/2010 Mailing list post from K. ‘Cotulla’ Ivan on how he found the solution to the infamous segmentation / illegal instruction problem on htc leo / hd2. Code in attachment see mailing list
06/25/2010 NetRipper included Cotulla’s qsd8250 initialization code in haret. Build available on NetRipper’s website also see Mailing List
06/25/2010 http://twitpic.com/20cruy http://twitpic.com/20cohg Messing around with ubuntu and other distributions using usb keyboard and mouse. Full potential of hd2’s great speed and big display show. This runs real smooth. Soon as I got something easy to install I will upload it along with instructions on how to power the usb peripherals – without which you can’t interact yet.
06/28/2010 Android is working. It was very simple problem with a missing configuration setting in the kernel which is fixed now.
06/29/2010 EXTRA EXTRA Major hurdle taken towards using touchscreen GPIO are xnow fixed. Again it’s a problem about initialization so we need to add this in HaRET as well.
06/29/2010 NetRipper – aka Fastest HaRET Developer In The West – made a HaRET with GPIO IRQ fix
06/30/2010 Touchscreen source code now in linuxtogo git
06/30/2010 New wiki page on using usb host mode to connect peripheral devices.
06/30/2010 zImage build with touchscreen, keypad, usb-host mode posted in build section.
06/30/2010 First version of Ubuntu for HD2 released in the Build section

Download it, install and give it a go.

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