Ubisoft has partnered up with HitRecord in order to give fans of Watch Dogs: Legion the chance to get their own music in the upcoming post-Brexit game.

The news was broken by an article from Rock Paper Shotgun, which also points out that Ubisoft and HitRecord have worked together before in the past. The two collaborated to allow creators to create resources for Beyond Good And Evil 2.

The partnership was met with significant criticism, seeing as the plan expected creators to work for nothing and there was no guarantee of payment.

However, HitRecord has specified that, this time round, they’ll pay $2,000 (approximately £1,600) for each song that makes the cut.

The payment will be split between each person who worked on each song, meaning you can get anything from the entire $2,000 to just some pocket change based on how many people you work with. You’ll also get your name in the credits.

For more information on how the payment method works, HitRecord suggest watching the video that I’ve embedded below.

The Watch Dogs HitRecord page is a little bit vague on actual details, but says that the songs “will be created throughout July, August and September, and will be finalized in the fall of 2019.”

You can read the full FAQ and Terms & Conditions here.

The third title in the Watch Dogs franchise sees you playing as citizens of a post-Brexit London and building a resistance. Watch Dogs: Legion releases March 6th, 2020.