Ubisoft is allegedly attempting to make more unique games after their recent boring Breakpoint blunder.

With the recently released Ghost Recon Breakpoint preforming so badly that it’ll be receiving a post-launch overhaul, Ubisoft has decided to switch up its game plan. While the publisher was previously all in on homogenised service games, the failure of Breakpoint has changed things up.

In the newest episode of Jason Schreier‘s Splitscreen podcast, it was revealed that post-Breakpoint Ubisoft is wary of their recent reliance on service titles.

“Conversations I’ve had with people is that Ubisoft is changing their mentality big time,” Schreier said. “Now it’s all about… you have to pitch your game as being super unique, having a unique aspect to it.”

In the same podcast, Schreier revealed the reason why the publisher recently delayed five whole titles. While the games are also now scheduled to release on Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5, the rationing was more in-depth than release parity.

“I think the main reason for [Watch Dogs Legion’s delay] is just that their main hook is so ambitious,” Schreier said. “Their main system, that you can control any character in the game, is so wild and ambitious that I imagine it’s causing all sorts of technical problems and challenges.”

“Gods and Monsters is one of those games that I heard people were really worried about its schedule, because that’s the same team – or a chunk of the team – that made Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which came out in fall of 2018.”

As for the boring Breakpoint blunder, Ghost Recon was indeed a stinker. In our glowing review, we gave it a 3/10.