Uber brings audio recordings, ride checks and more to its customers in India



Author Anmol // in News

Uber has announced a new update for its customers in India. The latest update focuses on bringing new safety features for both the customers and the drivers.

At a press event in New Delhi, Uber talked about the safety issue and how it plans to improve its reputation. The new features include audio recordings, PIN authentication and ride checks. Ola which is Uber’s major competition in India added PIN authentication a couple of years back. It sends a 4-digit PIN to the customer once a ride has been booked and the customer needs to give the code to the driver in order to start the trip. This makes sure there’s no foul play from the driver and also ensures the safety of both the customer and the driver as the trip can’t be started without the right code.

The ride check feature is another safety feature included in the latest update. This will use the location tracking on the driver’s phone to track the car. In the case of irregularities like unexpected long stops, Uber will call both the driver and the customer to ensure they are safe.

Privacy is incredibly important for Uber and all these tools are designed keeping that in mind. We will continue to refine these technologies so we can help make every ride a 5-star experience for all.

– Sachin Kansal, Senior Director of Global Safety Products, Uber

Lastly, Uber will also allow both drivers and customers to record their entire trip and send it to the company in case they feel uncomfortable or unsafe. This feature will enter the testing phase later this year but Uber hasn’t commented anything on the final release.

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