Uber integration for Cortana shows up on Windows 10, doesn’t work yet though


Back in May, Microsoft revealed that the company is working with some of its partners to bring native integration for their’s partners’ services to Windows 10. Uber, was one of them — and it seems to be coming to Windows 10 soon. Microsoft has quietly pushed a new update to Cortana’s backend which brought the ability to connect your Uber account in Cortana. Unfortunately though, the feature seems to broken right now and we suspect to get fixed when the companies officially announce the release of the new integration.

For those wondering, Uber integration for Cortana can do quite a few things — for example, Cortana will be able to recommend an Uber for you based on your schedule, and it will also make it easier to get a ride with Uber.

As we stated earlier, this feature isn’t functional just yet and it will likely start working when the feature is officially announced. Nonetheless, if you are are a new new Uber use, you can get a free ride by using the code “uberwmpu”.