Uber app just got a lot more useful with new transit features



Uber app just got a lot more useful with the new Uber Transit feature. In addition to the ability to book car rides, you can now find the fastest route to your destination with real-time transit information, routes, and directions. Sometimes it can be faster or cheaper to take public transportation than an Uber, this new Uber Transit feature will help you in such situations.

Uber is now rolling out its first-ever integration with public transit in Denver in partnership with the Regional Transportation District (RTD). When users enter their destination, they can now see “Transit” next to other Uber options. Once selected, users can see available transit routes, along with real-time departure and arrival times, and even walking directions to/from the transit stations. In the coming weeks, users can also purchase and use RTD tickets through the Uber app.

Uber will be rolling out this Transit feature to more cities in the coming months.

Source: Uber

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