U-Bolt Pro is a modern smart lock that gives you true keyless and phoneless entry


4, 2019

21st century likes to have everything connected, from speakers to door lock everything must be digital. The U-bolt Pro is a smart lock system which offers exactly what is needed in this always connected world. What’s interesting in the IoT enabled U-bolt Pro is its ability to function without the need of any smartphone.

You can unlock U-bolt Pro in six ways. You can use the smartphone app, or your fingerprint. If you don’t prefer any of those, you can also use Passcode, mechanical key, proximity lock, and Magic Shake to unlock the door, among which proximity lock and Magic Shake are the most interesting ways.

Proximity lock, as the name suggests, is a way in which you don’t have to do anything, the U-bolt Pro can automatically sense your presence. It unlocks the door when you come close to the door and locks it once you close it. The Magic Shake, on the other hand, is truly magical. This needs you to shake your smartphone and you are done, there is no need to unlock your smartphone.

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Security is one of the major concerns of these devices. The U-bolt Pro comes with Dual 128-bit AES Dynamic Key Encryption which according to the company guarantees safety.

You will also be able to share your fingerprint temporary access code to guests, cleaning crew, etc. The U-bolt Pro is priced at $149 and you can buy it from here.

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