Two Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 cross-platforms games on the way

Speaking to PCWorld, Senior Xbox Live Product Marketing Manager Peter Orullian said that at least two cross-platform  games are coming to the Windows Store. The games will allow users to start a game on the desktop or laptop and continue them on their phone.

Microsoft has been encouraging developers to create more such apps,  noting it was very easy to convert a Windows 8 game to a Windows Phone 8 game.

"… when you build a game for Windows 8 with our new tools, the additional work required to bring it to Windows Phone 8 is fairly incremental," said Orullian.

Microsoft is trying to convince developers coding for the burgeoning Windows 8 store to also think Mobile, and use the Xbox Live cloud services to make their games portable and persistent.

"If I start playing a game of solitaire on my desktop, I can leave for work and pick up right where I left off on my Windows Phone."

Microsoft notes a turn by turn game was much more suited to cross platform games rather than twitch First Person Shooters, which left mobile and tablet users at a disadvantage.

An example of such an app is Skulls of Shogun, which was recently published on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and the Xbox 360.

Borut Pfeiffer, an independent developer who worked on Skulls of the Shogun, says the game’s multiplayer element succeeds across multiple platforms because it’s anchored by turn-based strategy, and challenges players’ wits instead of reflexes. What’s more, the Skulls Anywhere cross-platform multiplayer mode lets you play on any type of Microsoft hardware. You can start a game on your Xbox 360, playing against someone on a PC. Then three hours later, both you and your competitor can switch to playing on a Surface RT and Windows Phone.

"It’s a tough design challenge, building a cross-platform game," wrote Pfeiffer in an email. "While it looks like there’s definitely demand for it, as a developer you really have to solve a lot of problems at once."

Do our readers think cross-platform game play is a Windows secret weapon? Let us know below.


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