Two-Tap Reminder 1.2 – now you can pin the various reminders to your start screen!


17, 2012

The best quick-and-dirty reminder app out there! Two taps are all you need to set a simple reminder, and 3 taps to set a reminder with text on it. On top of that, with the new version, you have the ability to pin the various reminder types to the start menu so it’s even faster (this was voted on in the in-app poll!).


  • Pin one, two or all three reminder options to the start screen for quicker access.
  • Set a “quick reminder” for really quick, ad-hoc reminders.
  • Choose from the quick-buttons if you want to be reminded 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes etc. into the future.
  • Choose from a list of text options if you want to remember something specific
  • Record a short message to yourself if you can’t type right now
  • View your pending and past-due reminders.
  • Vote on new features you’d want to see in the product.
  • Free to try

What people say about the app:

  • Just works! Using it almost every day since installed
  • Developer is committed and provides updates. This alone makes the app unique and wonderful.
  • Ok, this thing rocks
  • After using it for a few weeks, I now realize how much I needed that kind of app!
  • I’d give it 6 stars if I could!!

Download it now.

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