Twitter’s desktop web-app now has a dark theme



Twitter is finally bringing a much-awaited feature to the Twitter web client – a night theme. Twitter introduced its night theme with the Android app last year and eventually propagated it to the iPhone, now it’s bringing it to the web. Unlike the Windows 10 Twitter app, this doesn’t turn the screen pitch black, instead, it converts it to a really dark shade of blue with a slight tint depending on your colour accent. It looks a bit nicer than the stark dark theme the Windows app has, and it wouldn’t be the worst thing ever if it was brought to UWP as well.

As usual, Twitter notes the feature is also available for Android and iOS, technically neglecting to mention that it first originated on Windows phone – though that could be explained as Windows phone having a dark mode but not a night theme if we’re splitting hairs down to the subatomic level.

Night mode can be enabled in the drop down menu activated when clicking on your profile image.

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