Twitter PWA gets follower management, new Tweets bar and more with the latest update

by Rahul
October 5, 2021

Twitter PWA is now getting a bunch of new features with the latest server-side update. The update includes the follower management feature, Communities, new Tweets bar, improvements to Spaces, and a ton of bug fixes.

Follower management is one of the most useful features in this update. It allows users to better manage their followers by offering them a new Followers screen, which includes a context menu where you can mute, block, report, share a profile, or remove the follower. With the latest update installed, users will also see a new Tweets bar at the top of their home timelines when new Tweets come in. Meanwhile, the new Communities feature will let users connect with others about in interest on Twitter. However, the new Communities feature is currently invite-only. You can read the full official changelog below to know more about what’s new.


  • Communities: We’re beginning to roll out Communities, a way to connect with others about an interest on Twitter. Communities are invite-only for now as we build and update based on your feedback. Learn more from @HiCommunities here!
  • Followers Management: We’re experimenting with giving you more tools to manage your followers. In the Followers screen for your account, there’s a new context menu which allows you to mute, block, report, share a profile, or remove the follower.
  • New Tweets Bar: You may notice a new Tweets bar at the top of your home timeline when new Tweets come in. We’ve also been tweaking how we insert new Tweets into the timeline to prevent the Tweets you’re viewing from shifting around.
  • Search: When using search, you may be presented with a dialog to let us know whether you found what you’re looking for. This helps us further improve search results.
  • Spaces: The end screen for a Space will now show additional information including hosts, co-hosts, and speakers from the Space, allowing you to follow their accounts.
  • Accessibility: Improved color contrast of Spaces captions when the increased color contrast setting is enabled.
  • Popovers: Most popover menus will now automatically dismiss when scrolling.
  • Spaces: We’ve improved how we represent the number of other listeners currently within a Space.
  • Settings: The SMS notifications preference has been removed.
  • Tweets: You’ll no longer see the reply context on focal Tweets within the Tweet detail when viewing your own thread.
  • Accessibility: Updated color contrast for links when using the default blue display color with increased color contrast enabled.
  • Accessibility: The social context for Tweets will now be properly read as part of the Tweet content by screen readers.
  • Accessibility: Labels on the profile page are no longer classified as buttons instead of text elements.
  • Carousels: Resolved an issue where clicking on video within carousels would open the Tweet media viewer.
  • Login: You should no longer be occasionally shown an error dialog when selecting “Forgot Password” on the login menu.
  • Modals: Corrected issues where refreshing the page from a modal screen would cause the incorrect background page to be loaded.
  • Profile: We no longer render the pending state button if you’ve sent a follow request to someone previously, and their account is no longer protected.
  • Settings: Attempting to use a suggested name when changing your username should no longer show you a duplicate name error.
  • Settings: Newly muted accounts will properly show in the muted accounts settings screen without needing to refresh the current session.
  • Sign Up: When cancelling the sign up flow after opening from the home screen, you’ll now be properly taken back to the home screen.
  • Spaces: Clicking on an avatar with a Space presence ring will no longer open the profile page on certain devices.
  • Spaces: The dock will no longer block the composer when attempting to Tweet a link to a Space on mobile devices.
  • Spaces: Clicking the “Set reminder” button on the Space detail screen will now properly set a reminder.
  • Video: Fixed issues with certain labels on videos rendering with black text on a dark background in dim or lights out mode.
  • Video: We’ve improved video uploads on iOS Safari where videos could be uploaded in an improper format.
  • Voice Tweets: The captions toggle will now only apply to the currently playing Tweet, and not other voice Tweets which may be visible.

As mentioned above, this is a server-side update, so don’t waste your time by checking for updates in Microsoft Store. In order to install the update, all you have to do is open Twitter PWA, then close the app, and open it again.

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