Twitter PWA for Windows 10 gets another tweak

by Surur
June 21, 2018

Only a few days ago we wrote that Twitter has once again updated their Progressive Web App for Windows 10, adding support for sharing links via the Windows 10 Share Dialogue.

Sometimes, however, this is complicated and cumbersome, when we really only want a link to paste into a document or Slack.

Recognizing this, Twitter has pushed out another minor update to their Windows 10 app, adding the ability to copy a link to a tweet to the Share menu of the app, as can be seen in the screenshot above.

The app has been under continuous development since its launch. In April Twitter added support for Live Tiles and being a Windows 10 Share Dialogue target, in May they added support for Windows 10 Jump Lists and Night Mode, and in June, they added support for sharing links via the Windows 10 Share Dialogue. Notably, however, despite features added, in my experience the app is rather slow and unstable, suggesting the underpinnings of the app may need a lot more work.

Find the app in the Store here.

Developer: Twitter Inc.
Price: Free


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