Twitter comes to fring


Following much user demand and the phenomenal explosion of Twitter, fring just released an all new Twitter 2.0 Add-on for Windows Mobile smartphones, with stacks of new features.

You can now view other Twitter profiles, check-out your own followers and see who’s following your.

Furthermore, a new keyword search enables you to keep on top of a particular topic and with the cool new look and feel you can also open links like Tiny URL’s from your incoming Tweets.

To get the Twitter 2.0 plug-in you can just go to the Add-ons tab inside fring, unsubscribe from the old Twitter add-on & re-subscribe to the new one.

fring is also released the source code to its new Twitter 2.0 Add-on so all developers  can  look at an example of how to use fring’s API for developing Add-on applications of their own.

fring is available for Windows Mobile Professional (touchscreen) and Standard (non-touchscreen) smartphones and can be downloaded from fring’s website.