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Twitter Analytics allows users to search and display statistics about Twitter use. Users of this application may search for terms such as #hashtags and @Twitter users. Upcoming versions will include support for Twitter search keywords and the Twitter search syntax. The comparative analysis of tweets allows reporting information about, retweets, tweeters and the tone of the tweets, using a dictionary and an algorithm for make the calculations.

The application consists of several screens to display this information on a consolidated basis that includes the following information by using different charts:

Summary of study containing the following information:

  • Total Tweets matching the search term
  • Total Retweets matching the search term
  • Total Tweeters, Twitter users who have used the search term in their tweets
  • Total Retweeters Twitter users who have made retweet for the search term
  • Unique mentions, the result of extracting the total number of users who have mentioned the term entered in the search, excluding repetitions
  • Unique Hashtags, the result of extracting the total hashtags that have been used in conjunction with the search term, excluding repetitions
  • Tweets per day, average result of tweets per day that contain the search term
  • Hashtags per tweet, the result by dividing the total hashtags found between total tweets matching the search term

Chart showing Tweets per day (up to 7 days of history)

Chart showing the top 5 hashtags used in conjunction with the search term entered

Chart showing the top 5 Twitter users who had mentioned the search term

Chart showing the top 5 most active users who have included in their tweets the term entered

Chart showing the tone, the result as a percentage of all tweets analyzed, divided into three categories: neutral, positive and negative

The application currently supports English and Spanish language versions but with the upcoming versions will be supported in more languages.


Currently the Twitter search results are limited to the last 4 -7 days with a maximum of 1,500 tweets. Twitter Analytics takes into account these limits and make recursive searches until arrive these limits.

This capability has as result a great information database ensuring great analytical information. This allows follow any Twitter campaign or user activity.

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Share the results

In this first version the user can share the results provided in the summary screen for any analysis undertaken, by the use of social feature configured on any Windows Phone. The upcoming versions will improve this aspect by providing the ability to share the rest of the results.

Price: $ 0.99


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