Tweeten adds GIF Search to Windows in newest update

August 22, 2016

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Twitter Client Tweeten has been updated to include Gif search services in the app, making it easier for the app users to search for and post gifs while using the apps.

The GIF Search and upload feature doesn’t work quite as seamlessly as Twitter’s native search on the web, Android, and iOS. While you can search for GIFs us as well using the native Giphy integration, you can’t upload it directly.

This is because the app works as a wrapper over Tweetdeck, requiring the app download the GIFs and save them natively before re-uploading the gif on the web,

There’s also other fixes to performance issues in the app and the spell checker functionality,

Here’s what the update adds in addition to that:

  • You can search for GIFs on Tweeten and upload them to TweetDeck pretty easily!
  • The update fixes all the performance issues introduced with the recent updates
  • We have fixed an issue where Tweeten would forget its position on multi-monitor setups
  • Tweeten now properly remembers its Fullscreen state30
  • We’ve updated how spell checking works in the app, so it should be slightly faster now
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the spellchecker from working properly on macOS
  • Fixed an issue which prevented users from being able to remote a Quoted Tweet on the Compose sidebar
  • Other minor improvements throughout the app

You can download Tweeten for Windows here.

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