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13, 2015


Not able to get Windows 10 for Phones today? Here’s something you can get. We covered Audiotica a while ago in two in-depth articles here and here. Well, there’s more. Audiotica Gold, which we detailed before has finally launched under the name of Audiotica cloud and provides benefits like No-ads, cloud matching and cloud sync and is now available for all Windows Phones running Windows Phone 8.1.

Here’s a quick run-down of the app-features-

-Millions of songs at your disposal for download or streaming, completely free.
-Built in real-time Last.FM scrobbler.
-Fast and fluid player.
-Already have a collection? Audiotica can import it!
-99% faster and saves over 70% on battery life, compared to Spotify and Xbox Music.

Powered by:

and many more, guaranteeing you’ll find the song you want.
1. Sync your music across devices with the Audiotica Cloud!
2. Faster music saving and downloading.
3. Manually match mp3s for songs, if desired.

Now, since you WMPU users are special and dear to us the developer of Audiotica (on twitter @Audiotica or @Zumicts) has offered us a promo code for you guys.

The first 2 people who grab the code below will get a year free subscription to Audiotica Gold. That’s right. One whole year. Free. No strings attached.

What about the rest of you who aren’t so lucky? 50 of you can grab subscriptions at half price below using the other promo code which we’ll give below.

Be nice, play fair and give it a try. We all love free things right?

Download Audiotica here.

if you didn’t click any of our links above, then have a read of our review here.

Got Audiotica? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Get Audiotica Cloud for a year for free with WMPUFIRSTTWO

Get Audiotica Cloud for $0.50 a month for a year with WMPOWERUSER50

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