Truecaller app updated with improved Caller ID experience for Windows 10 Mobile

TrueCaller Windows Phone

Truecaller today released a new update for its Windows 10 Mobile app. This update includes improved Caller ID experience with the new Offline Caller ID support. With this feature, even when you are on the road, any call that has previously been identified when online, will now be identified when offline. As well as this, Caller ID now shows the profile picture of identified callers so you can always see their friendly faces when you want to say hello.

Find the other features included in this update below.

  • Tagging: See how other Truecaller users have described a caller by tags.
  • Contact request notifications can be accepted or denied without opening the app.
  • Suggest name: You can suggest a better name for identified calls.
  • Prefix and suffix: This feature allows you to improve Caller ID by removing any extra numbers your operator or company might add to an incoming call number.
  • Open social profiles in device browser so you don’t have to login to your account inside the app.
  • Universal notifications: Never miss a notification, even if you’re away from your phone, we’ll sync it with your PC (enabled from Cortana settings).

The app can be found  in the Windows Store here.

Price: Free