You can now get travel advisories and airline trip cancellation policies on Google

March 24, 2020

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As the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues around the world, several countries have released their own travel advisories and restrictions. Based on the instructions from governments, airlines are offering adjustments to cancellation policies and change fees. Google today announced an easy way to learn about travel advisories and trip cancellation policies.

Starting today, when you search for information like flights and hotels in Google, you will get coronavirus (COVID-19) related travel advisories or restrictions for your destination.

If available, Google will also present links to relevant information from your country’s travel authority when possible. This new experience will be available in, and in Google Maps when you search for hotels. When you search on Google for flights with a specific airline or go to Google Flights, Google will direct you to Google Travel Help Center article with more information on airline trip cancellation policies.

Source: Google

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