Transparent Icons – Use custom icons for your apps

by yuming
June 24, 2014

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Bored of the same old icons on your phone? Feel limited by the icons provided by third-party shortcut tiles? Why not use your own custom icons for the apps you love!

In this latest update, Transparent Icons gives you full control of the app icon to use. You can design your own icon or download it online. Also in this version, you can search online for the latest app shortcuts to use. Previously, you would need to wait for an update for new app shortcuts but now you can check for them anytime you like! Last but not least, you can choose background colors for the shortcut tiles.

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null Transparent Icons is a highly innovative shortcut tile app. Besides letting you create transparent shortcut tiles, this app lets you create shortcut tiles with transparent icons and text! Add a new level of customization to your start screen now with Transparent Icons.

Download Transparent Icons now for FREE over here.

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