Transparent Body Shell cures HTC HD2 kickstand envy

by Surur
June 12, 2010

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A kickstand is a pretty useful addition to a phone, and I am sure it is just one of the features that make HTC HD2 owners look longingly at the HTC Evo.

Fortunately there is a simple solution that wont require you to spend $50 on an a bulky official extended battery and will also provide some protection.

The video above by Docextreme1 (who is doing a series of HD2 tips) shows of the Body Glove Plastic Transparent Case with Kick Stand which will keep your back and sides pristine while providing some shock absorption where it to fall on a corner, and also comes with a handy kick stand that unlike others work in portrait and landscape more.

The case is available in T-Mobile stores and online here for around $20.

Are any of our readers using this case? Let us know how well it works below.

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