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“Track My Address” windows phone application helps in tracking the location details such as Address with PIN code, GeoCoordinates , Speed, Distance ,Time taken to reach a destination. All these details can be shared and saved to phone or to skydrive.This app currently has around 120K downloads and rated one of the best in Travel+Navigation category.

Top Features:
Pin your favorite location/spot to start screen.
Tag locations details to the photo taken by camera.
You can get information about famous places around you. You can get favorite spots(Hotels/ATMs/Banks etc.. details from NearbyPlaces page and get directions to that place on a Map.
Track your Vehicle after parking it by saving the location this application gives. Internet connection is not mandatory.It can be your favorite spot also.Later get directions to that place from SavedLocations page.
You can set the speed limit of your vehicle using SpeedAlert option.
You can upload your location details to Facebook also.
You can share your location through SMS/MAIL option.
Share your location so that others can reach you.
Save your location for every 30mins by selecting the option of Running in background. It will tell where you spent all your time in day.

Other Features:
It can also run under lock screen to track your location details continuously.

You can find the distance between two places using this application. All you need to do is click on start button from the point you are starting and when you reaches destination click on stop button.

Your current location will be shown on a map every timeĀ  there is a change in location.
Gets the Postal code of your location.
Gets the directions along with distance to any saved locations in this app.

The application also displays the current speed while walking or driving.

Speed Alert option in settings will sound an alert when user defined speed is reached. User can define the speed in kilometers per hour.
“Track My Address” app can be downloaded from hereĀ  and the “Track My Address Pro” here.

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