TouchXperience Now Lets You To Customize Screens And More[Homebrew]

TouchXperience for Windows Phone currently has following features and its still in private beta. It will work only on unlocked Windows Phone 7 devices. See the video above to know what’s TouchXperience is all about.

  • Custom panels and widgets
  • Interactive backgrounds
  • Applications and games launcher
  • File explorer
  • Contact manager
  • Communication manager
  • Profile manager
  • Task manager
  • RSS reader
  • Web radios
  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • DLNA support
  • Network drives support
  • Skydrive support
  • G-scrolling support
  • Windows Sideshow support (if MS let me create drivers and services)
  • Live tile support

The app is shaping up well to be used by wider range of people. I think such projects should inspire Microsoft to adopt some ideas in Windows Phone 7.