Touch screen Zune confirmed – could give glimpse of WM 7


We have recently posted on some touch screen Zune rumours, and it seems the words were not even cold before some pictures were leaked to Engadget.  Engadget was able to independently verify the veracity of the news, lending more weight to the other part of the rumour -  That the UI and features of the ZuneHD will give us a taste of what to expect in Windows Mobile 7.

We have no further information on the matter, but there is plenty of room for speculation. One fact is certain – a PMP does not lend itself well to soft keys and pop-up menus, so its likely we will see something completely different from Microsoft for this device.

What do our readers think is in store for us with the ZuneHD UI?  Let us know in the comments.

Thanks Wreiad for the tip.