Torrent trackers are banning Windows 10 users over “privacy concerns”


Microsoft recently updated its Services Agreement, which applies to Windows 10, Xbox Live, and other Microsoft services. Following the release of Windows 10, there has been quite a few privacy controversies. Wi-Fi Sense has been one of the most controversial privacy concerns – and it pops up every once in a while, which is pretty disappointing.

Recently, we reported that the Services Agreement now states that the company could disable usage of unauthorized hardware peripheral devices and counterfeit games – which applies to the company’s other services, alongside Windows 10.

Following the reports of privacy concerns no Windows 10, several torrent trackers are apparently banning Windows 10 users, while some are considering to ban Windows 10. According to a torrent group known as “iTS”, Microsoft revoked data protection and shared the data with others – including an anti-piracy company called MarkMonitor. Here’s their full statement:

Emphasis added.

“Many of you might have heard or read about the terrible privacy policy of windows 10 recently. Unfortunately Microsoft decided to revoke any kind of data protection and submit whatever they can gather to not only themselves but also others. One of those is one of the largest anti-piracy company called MarkMonitor. Amongst other things Windows 10 sends the contents of your local disks directly to one of their servers. Obviously this goes way too far and is a serious threat to sites like ours which is why we had to take measures. Since last Thursday Windows 10 is officially banned from iTS. Members using it get redirected to a video that eggsplains the dangers quite in detail hoping to enlighten as many people as possible.

Perhaps at some point special versions of Windows 10 will surface that would successfully wipe all those outrageous privacy violations but until then windows 10 is not welcome here in the interest of this site and all iTS members.”

iTS have banned Windows 10 users, and they’re currently redirecting users to a YouTube video. Interestingly, the torrent group states that until there’s a “special version” of Windows which wipes all “those outrageous privacy violations”, Windows 10 users will be banned. Obviously, there isn’t any evidence to support these recent privacy concerns yet – and there’s been a lot of FUD going around about Windows 10 privacy concerns, which is pretty worrying.


Surprisingly enough, other torrent groups, including BB and FSC will soon ban Windows 10 users as well. A BB staff stated that Windows 10 is “gathering information on users’ P2p [peer-to-peer]” – and the data is apparently being “shared with anti-piracy group”. The group also states that Windows 10 “sends the results of local searches to a well known anti-piracy company”:

“What’s particularly nasty is that apparently it sends the results of local(!!) searches to a well known anti piracy company directly so as soon as you have one known p2p or scene release on your local disk … BAM!”

As we’ve stated previously, there is no evidence that Windows 10 is sharing any privacy related information with anti-piracy groups yet.

If you’re worried about privacy on Windows 10, we highly recommend reading this piece from the folks over at LifeHacker which will give you a better idea of how Microsoft is using your data to deliver the new features on Windows 10.

Via: TorrentFreak, WB