Top 5 games coming to Xbox One this week

Every week a handful of games release on Xbox One and many elude owners of the console due to their timid marketing. Xbox Wire makes sure you know about them but can’t provide gamers with recommendations. A lot of these titles are absolutely phenomenal and it’s a shame that they aren’t noticed. Here are some games coming out between May 22 and May 26 which you should check out. Some of the experiences are quite obvious while others may surprise you.


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Discover the beautiful world of Rime in this ambitious single-player puzzle adventure game. Play as a young boy who has survived a deadly storm and found himself washed ashore on a mysterious island. Armed with only your wits, and help from a friendly fox, explore this enigmatic island to unlock its secrets.


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Everspace is finally leaving Xbox Game Preview. The title features fast-paced combat with roguelike elements, great visuals and a captivating story. Journey through this stunning universe where you’ll shoot, craft and loot your way to victory. Everspace supports Xbox Play Anywhere.

Get Even

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In this psychological first-person shooter, travel into the mind of a man who wakes to find himself in an old abandoned asylum. To find the truth of his past, Cole Black must travel into the depths of his memory to uncover what happened.


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Take on the role of a tycoon who aims to create a thriving city…no matter the cost. From backroom deals to deadly decisions, you must do whatever is necessary to stay in the black.

Embers of Mirrim

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Take control of a mystical creature with the ability to split between light and dark embers. This platformer takes place across a gorgeous landscape as you play as a versatile fox-like creature tasked with restoring peace to the world.

Apart from the games mentioned above, Xbox One is getting Friday the 13th: The Game (multiplayer only), Jump Stars, Portal KnightsSpellspire and Unit 4. There might be other surprise releases in there too like last week’s classic ACA NeoGeo The Last Blade. This week might not be as eventful as the last few put together, but it still includes some fun titles. Rime is finally coming out after its troubled development history with Sony! All of these are great experiences Xbox One owners should try out.

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