Toast’s wood skin covers for the Surface Pro 4 now available


Toast is selling a beautiful wood cover for the Surface Pro 4. The company today started selling its custom wood covers for the Pro 4, which should make your Surface look even prettier.

“Toast’s real wood cover artfully articulates the awesome angles of the Surface or Surface Pro tablet. Elegantly engineered, laser-cut and hand-finished, the full kit includes a two-piece back cover, side wraps and button covers. Designed to full access to ports and unrestricted kickstand movement, the slim veneer cover attaches directly and securely to your Surface tablet with a high-quality adhesive, protecting it from sand and other particulates that commonly damage devices when they become trapped inside a typical tablet case (because you wouldn’t want to scratch your Surface, right?).”

Toast’s Surface Pro 4 covers come in walnut, bamboo, ebony and ash — all of these selections offer an elegant look for your Surface Pro 4. The price of these covers start at $49, but you can add an optional front panel for another $15, too. If you want to buy one for your Surface Pro 4, head over to this link.

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