Timing Master v1.4 for Windows Phone

Timing Master

Greece, 28/09/2013. Ever wanted to time more than one events or activities and you didn’t have the appropriate software to do it? Now you can!

Designed for Windows Phone, ‘Timing Master’ provides the user the ability to time all kind of events. With the millisecond accuracy that it has it is one of the most advanced timing applications. Having 4 stopwatches and 4 countdown timers that all run in parallel, you will find big difficulty to find an alternative solution of it. Some of the main features are:

  • Both the stopwatches and timers continue to run even when the application is closed.
  • Amazingly, the countdown timers when they finish they signal an alarm to the user even with a closed application.
  • The user is able to keep the lap times for the stopwatches.
  • The timing details can be sent via email or SMS.
  • The countdown timers support vibration and/or 20 alarm sounds to choose from.
  • Full support for both the Light and Dark themes of the Windows Phone including the accent color allowing the user to personalize it.

The application is translated in 14 different languages:

Catalan, Danish, French, English, German, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Greek, Spanish, Vietnamese, Polish, Indonesian

Download ‘Timing Master’ from the following QR Code or link.

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