This week’s Xbox Live Games: Chaos Rings and Gravity Guy 2


Microsoft seems to have resumed their regular delivery of Xbox Live games for Windows Phone.

This Wednesday Microsoft will be delivering two Xbox Live games.

Chaos Rings is a Square Enix game for Windows Phone 7 and 8 in the Final Fantasy genre featuring 8 characters who have to engage in a variety of battles with the aim of eternal life.

The game takes place in a mysterious place known as Ark Arena, where participants face enemies in both dungeons and tournament-play to avoid death and gain immortality. Chaos Rings features four scenarios. Each scenario is played by two different story characters and across several worlds, ending with a boss battle.

gravity-guyThe 700 MB to 1 Gb game will clock in at $9.99, rather pricy, but cheaper than the $12.99 the game debuted on in 2010 on the iPhone.

The other Xbox Live release today is Gravity Guy 2 by Miniclip, which is coming to Windows Phone before iOS or Android.

The endless runner will cost $2.99 and will be release in all territories except for Russia, Taiwan, Brazil and Korea.

See the Chaos Rings iPhone trailer after the break.

Via WPC.