This Week’s Xbox LIVE Deal Of The Week: EA’s Tetris

This week’s Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week will be Tetris. This is second time Tetris is getting price drop because in August we already had this under deal of the week. In case you missed it then, you can grab this game from Windows Phone marketplace for $2.99 from tomorrow under Xbox LIVE DOTW.

From our review,

This is the official Tetris game and is the best Tetris title you can buy! The controls are perfect, the visuals are great, the sounds are spot-on , and the lasting value is far above the others. Since it is an Xbox Live title, you get achievements and leaderboards, which will help bring you back to play more. You also get a Variant mode, where you play through modified gameplay styles of Tetris, adding greatly to the replayability of the game.

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