This smartphone can be a real game changer in the foldable smartphone market(concept)

Folding phones have made all the headlines this year, some for good reasons and some for bad. It is evident that Folding smartphone would only evolve from here and while whether it will replace the regular device is debatable, it would for sure try to create its own appeal.

A Korean company has come up with a Foldable smartphone design, which does more than the current ones available in the market. And the best part is the concept smartphone gives you a reason to switch to it.

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You can not only fold the smartphone but also can stretch the display, making it a great device for content viewing. Thanks to the stretchable display technology, you can use it as a 5-inch pocketable device and then can turn it into a 9-inch tablet.

If not smartphones, this can surely replace your tablets.

Via: FN