This amazing Samsung Wall TV is worth saving for

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Early this year, Samsung revealed ‘The Wall’, the next generation TV which is unlike any other TV in the market. The Wall is a modular, bezel-less MicroLED TV with less than 30mm thickness and bezel-less infinity design. The Wall Luxury can blend in your living space and offer immersive experience. As you can expect, The Wall packs all the latest display technologies delivering unmatched viewing experience. More than the display technologies, I really love the overall UX of this TV. Beyond the traditional viewing platform, The Wall becomes the digital canvas to showcase various forms of media. Take a look at the video below.

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You can customize The Wall with the following different ambient modes:

  • My W Edition/Background Theme: Preset and customizable wall templates with Samsung original wall backgrounds
  • Décor/Nature: Refined, moving decorative pieces
  • Art/Media Art: Photographs, paintings and digital art
  • My Collection: Your own personal image collection

Hopefully, The Wall will become more affordable in the near future. Samsung has not revealed the pricing of this TV as it depends on the size you opt for. You can learn more about this TV here and here.